COVID-19 Update


So it’s finally here, the long-awaited, so called ‘Freedom Day’!

How do we all feel about it so far?

As the team and I reopen under the new, more relaxed guidelines, we wanted to clarify with you all how you can continue to visit and shop with us comfortably, whilst we ensure that our staff and customer safety is a priority. The government have put the emphasis back to the individual to make sensible decisions that are right for their own personal circumstances, whilst we move towards living our lives again with fewer restrictions.

After speaking at length with the team to ensure they feel both comfortable and safe whilst going about their work, we will be ensuring the following measures are undertaken over the coming weeks during this period of adaption: 
  • Screens - Screens are in place at all of our staff work stations for both theirs and your safety. When behind our screens, some of our staff may prefer to work without the additional protection of their masks, but we will continue to wear them when walking around the store. Our lovely TLPS masks sit comfortably around the team’s necks when not in use, so if you would prefer us to wear them - please don’t hesitate to ask! We want you to feel comfortable and safe whilst visiting with us.
  • Masks - Though we encourage you to consider wearing a mask in-store, we will no longer be enforcing this rule in line with government guidance
  • Numbers of visitors - We will, however, still be limiting the number of customers in-store to ensure adequate distance from other shoppers
  • Hand Sanitiser - The use of our automatic hand sanitiser station upon entry and exit of the store is still encouraged to allow you to handle our products whilst shopping
  • Cleaning - Thorough cleaning and sanitising protocols will still be adhered to by our team each day for additional peace of mind and hygiene
  • Workshops - Our workshop dates are being moved to Thursday evenings / Sundays to ensure that only learners will be in-store at the time of our classes to ensure adequate distancing between attendees. We will provide sanitiser stations, plus will be checking temperatures upon entry as an additional precautionary measure. Our new schedule will be going live in the next couple of days (watch this space!), and we will be contacting all learners to advise in more detail what to expect when coming to get creative with us at #PaperHQ again - safely and comfortably as we adjust to this new normal.


      We have been overwhelmed by the support shown for the small business community so far, so a huge thank you to those supporting us through this challenging year.

      Remember, we're here to help and support you through this time, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you need us at all. Our up-to-date contact information is listed below.

      Above all, stay positive, healthy and safe,


      Team TLPS